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See incoming notifications

Never miss things that matter without staring at your phone.

When your phone and Grace are within range, you will get notified when there's incoming call and messages.


Alarms setting

Set your own alarm time to wake you up with Grace silent vibrate alarm clock.



Think of it like an remote-control unit which can control your phone camera to take a photo wherever you put your phone on.


Find Device

Hassle of finding your device even it's within the range? Figure it out with the function of "Find Device", your device buzzes to locate it itself.


See your heart rate

Grace will measure the heart rate of the user in the heart rate measurement interface. Please waiting for 10~15s with patience, the result will be displayed.



Grace will record your sleep. Generally, when it works it detects your movement using a three-axis accelerometer to a more sensitive degree than it do during the day. Our Da Fit will report graphs showing the times when you were in light sleep

and deep sleep based on motion. 

Wear Grace to bed to automatically track your time asleep and sleep stages (time spent in restful, light, rapid eye movement and deep sleep). 

To see your sleep status, sync your watch when you wake up and check the app.



Learn about your sleep habits

Grace track several sleep metrics including when you go to bed, how long you're asleep, and your time spent in each stage. Check your sleep with Grace and check the Da Fit app to understand how you sleep patterns compare to your peers.


Count more than steps in multi-sport mode. Choose any sports mode you like to start your exercise.

Choose sport mode on Grace and go exercise.


Check your workout summary 

After you complete a workout, Grace shows a summary of your stats.

Sync your app to save the workout in your exercise history, where you can find additional stats and see your route and pace if you used connected GPS in Dashboard OUTDOOR RUNNING.


Blood pressure measure

BP Measuring in smart watch directly

Go to your smart watch → Health → Measure BP → single click to measure.


BP Measuring in "Da Fit" APP



1. A measurement process takes about 20 seconds.

2. Please note that it can't replace professional blood pressure testing instrument.

Set a stopwatch

To use the stopwatch:

Open smart watch → find S-WATCH → single click to start, single click again to pause/restart, swipe the touch screen or press the home key to turn back.


Music Player

Bother to take phone out to switch songs or pause? Grace will help to release your hands.

Go to smart watch→Player→single click to enter


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