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1. Question: Are there any replacement straps?

Answer: Yes, but you have to order this separately.


2. Question: Which application must you download?

Answer: Hello, the application name is Da Fit.


3.Question: Is there a pulse oximeter?

Answer: Yes, including!


4.Question: Does the watch have a touchscreen?

Answer: yes


5.Question: Can the clock be set in German?

Answer: Yes, everything is completely problem-free.


6.Question: can you read messages on the smartwatch whatsapp?

Answer: Yes you can


7.Question: Can I answer whatsapp messages from my iphone via the watch?

Answer: Hello, you can only read the news.


8.Question: can you change the language of the watch?

Answer: yes


9.Question: Can you also control the Amazone music app with the watch?

Answer: yes


10.Question: Can you set the background individually, with your own photo or just what the app has?

Answer: You can set your own background.

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