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1. What wrirst size of this smart watch?

A:The wrirst max size is 8.67 inch,min size is 6.50 inch.


2. Battery life how long please?

A:Only takes 2-3 hours to fully charge.It can be used normally for 7 days.


3. How do i set the date on this watch?

A:Please connect your smart watch with "Gloryfit" App.
The connection method of smart watch for men is as follows:
1. Scan the QR code or download and install the "Gloryfit" App from the App store or Google Play store.
2. After installation, open the app and turn on Bluetooth in the app.
3. Select "Add a new device" →"Select device", find the device
name L28 and tap to connect.
4.Keep your watch awake while searching, the watch will
synchronize time with your phone after paired.


4. Does it show weather info?

A:Yes,smart watch support the function of displaying weather information after you connect the smartphone.


5. How can I track sleep?

A:Please wear this smart watch to bed to automatically track your time asleep and sleep stages (time spent in awake, light sleep, and deep sleep).
To see your sleep status, sync your watch when you wake up and check the app.


6. How many watch faces?

A:You find in the watch app on the phone 43 watch faces that you can download .


7. Can you set the time manually?

A:By connecting smart watch with your smartphone,the time of smart watch can be updated.You can set the time format, such as 24-hour or 12-hour format.

8. Does it have built-in GPS?

A:This smart watch no GPS positioning function.But after connecting the smartphone, smart watch can record your trajectory graph when you exercise.During this period you need to bring your smartphone because of smartphone with built-in GPS.


9. Does this smart watch receive information notifications?

A:This watch support the function of receiving information notifications.By connecting smart watch with your smartphone,your information can be displayed on the smartwatches synchronously, such as Snapchat,incoming call, SMS,LinkedIn,SKype, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Line,Gmail,LinkedIn,Instagram,Snapchat etc.


10. Does it track blood pressure and heart rate record?

A:Yes,this smart watch support blood pressure and heart rate record measurement.

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