moreFit Kids Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Waterproof Activity Tracker Watch,Great Gift

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  • ❤️ Designed with 90mAh battery, energy-efficient chips, adjustable screen brightness, clear viewing during the day and not dazzling at night.waterproof IP67,Washing hands, raining, sweating, even swimming can be used.
  • ❤️ Multi-sports mode, including walking, running, cycling, climbing. Accurately track all-day activities including steps, distance, calories burned, heart rate and sleep status with comprehensive analysis.
  • ❤️ Comes with a built-in USB plug and does not need a charging cable for charging, just gently pull the band off and insert the built-in USB plug into a USB charger to charge.
  • ❤️ Ergonomic design, lightweight and durable,comfortable to wear.the tracker watch is perfect for graceful ladies, gentlemen or cool kids.
  • ❤️ Supports IOS 8.0 or higher, Android 5.1or higher.Download APP “JYouPro” by Apple Store and Google Play.



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Pure User Manual

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moreFit Pure Fitness Tracker


  1. Q:Is this waterproof for swimming?

    A:This tracker is IP67 waterproof. We do not recommend you wear it for taking shower with warm or hot water. Such behavior may reduce its life.

  2. Q:Where can I buy A charger, mine did not come with one? Can someone send me a pic of the charger?

    A:Here are some tips for charging:
    1. Please remove both two sides of the band from the host, and you will see the metal pins, please plug this side into the USB port. (the metal pins of tracker should be in contact with the pins of USB charger).
    2. If the watch screen charging icon is not on when inserting the device for charging, please check and turn the direction of the device’s charging plug to the correct way, or try other sockets.
    Warm tips: In order to get a longer lifespan, we recommend you pull out the host from the socket at once after fully charged. It takes about 1~2 hours to get the host fully charged.

  3. Q:Can it be used without a phone?

    A:No, this must be connected to your mobile phone Bluetooth.

  4. Q:Will it track history, in other words can I look at the past 24 hours and see any spikes?

    A:Yes, your phone and device sync successfully, the app will record all the data, you can view all the data in the app.

  5. Q:Does this watch provide your pace?

    A:No, this kids fitness tracker does not provide speed, but the app will record the number of steps you take, the time spent, the calories burned, and the distance.

  6. Q:What is the smallest wrist size this will fit?

    A:This size is suitable for children over 7 years old. size range:5.9-8.25in

  7. Q:Does it track every step I take, even if it’s from my living room to my kitchen?

    A:Yes,The kids activity tracker can track your step and distance from living room to kitchen

  8. Q:Can it be synced to an iPod?

    A:No, this watch is not suitable for ipad.
    We only support mobile phone Bluetooth device connection

  9. Q:Does this watch save heart rate data throughout the day?

    A:Yes, turn on the automatic tracking heart rate function, the APP will record all heart rate data. (but it will also consume more power)

  10. Q:Does the watch have to be with the phone at all time to work ?

    A:Yes, in the absence of any obstruction, our watch and mobile phone have a maximum connection distance of 10 meters and a minimum of 3 meters. If this distance is exceeded, disconnection will occur.

48 reviews for moreFit Kids Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Waterproof Activity Tracker Watch,Great Gift

  1. SoccerMom113

    I bought this for my 8 year old daughter. She has been asking for one and I found this to be a great alternative to the higher priced name brand ones since I wasn’t sure how much she would actually wear/use. She loves it so far! The teal colored band was the perfect color, fits well, and was easy to set up. We are very happy with this purchase thus far!

  2. jambyk

    My son has been begging for a smart watch so I caved in and got him one! He is 9 and has a pretty small wrist, so we have it on the tightest setting and it fits perfect. He was so excited to be able to track his steps and his heart rate. It was super easy to set up with my phone and he loves that you can have an alarm on it. And to charge it you just take off the band and plug it right in to a USB port! For us the charge lasted almost 2 days before needing to recharge. We’ve never had another smart watch so I can’t compare but I am happy with the purchase!

  3. Susan Mercado

    I gave This to my sister as a gift because she is not tech savvy,and she was able to figure it out,so super easy to use,good quality of the band and battery lasts a while!

  4. Kishore Sherigar

    Perfect gift for my niece. Her joy knew no bounds when she received this fitness tracker.Fits her perfect. Easy for her to use. Holds a long charge, battery is good for days.This was a low cost alternative to purchasing the major brand name fitness tracker. It has the same features like lift arm to see clock and data. The touch screen button to circulate through menus and settings has that smart phone feel. The band comes apart easily to expose the half USB adapter for charging. We use this tracker to keep track of how much activity has been performed since our child is limited physically. This more fit gives us peace of mind the he is not over exerting himself and causing health issues. We are considering purchasing more of these trackers as gifts.For us the charge lasted almost 2 days before needing to recharge. We’ve never had another smart watch so I can’t compare but I am happy with the purchase!

  5. Kyle

    This is the second fitness tracker that I bought. I buy one for my wife and this one for my mother-in-law. She has high blood pressure and needs to take pills every day. Within just a feel touch, I can see how is she doing and she can do it herself. This is a technology that makes people life easier.
    This watch is pretty user-friendly because you can change it with any USB female. The watch itself has a USB male. It doesn’t require another expensive cable.

  6. alieli

    My daughter loves this. Shes had fun tracking her activity and staying active. We had some trouble with the app but were figuring it out. Wristband is comfortable and easy to adjust, the extra slack does not hang.

  7. Becky Tuvshin

    It shows pretty good accuracy heart rate like iwatch. I’m using this fitness track during workout and controlling my heart rate and counting steps. I’m satisfied with this tracker :). In order to charge, I have to pull out the screen and charge into any usb port. I was impressed 🙂

  8. Chander D.

    I got it for my niece who is 8 years old and she loves it and she can operate it like a charm, she is very active and tries to be even more active and shows us the numbers to impress us. Very lightweight and good for kids. Hope the review helps.

  9. K and Tembs

    My son was so happy when i got him this for his birthday! He’s very active and now that he is getting serious about his sport, this is a great way for him to track and monitor his progress. The tracker is very intuitive and very responsive. The onscreen menus are attractive to him and easy to understand. Within minutes, he was able to sync to his mobile device, with a little help from mom and dad. 🙂 With the easy to setup mobile app, we were able to quickly set goals and alarms to keep track of activities. Aside from the tracking the steps, it allows us to monitor his heart rate. He said it’s comfortable and easy to put on.

  10. Suhas Pai

    My son loves it, he wears it all day and keeps challenging me with his steps counter.

    Way to keep kids active! He loves the interface and clock. I would recommend all parents to have these steps counter for their kids.

    Inexpensive and Durable. The strap may take some time to get used to.

  11. Josh Gavrich

    Bought this for my daughter to use (she’s 8 now). It’s a little too big for her wrist, but she wears it anyways.

    The HR monitor and steps seem accurate. I find that the blood pressure can be tricky at times (has to be in a good place on the wrist). I don’t have equipment to measure the blood oxygen at home, but I’m hoping it’s right.

    So much crammed into a small package. I love that it plugs into a USB port and it’s not another proprietary charger I have to keep around all the time.

  12. S L

    Look its not a Fitbit or other well-known brands… but its less than 30 bucks and I won’t be mad if my kid loses it … the app and watch it’s very easy to install and setup. IT fits my 9 years old on the last hole… and he loves his first fitness tracker. Move around and stop staring at a screen all the time.

  13. lorena

    Got this kids track fitness for my son, I was looking for one that was easy to used by hin and this is perfect he figured it out since day one, we like it a lot.

  14. Eric S. Below

    I have been using this fitness watch for a few days now and I am amazed at all the technology built into such a small package. I love that I can see text messages that I am receiving without having to take my phone out of my pocket in addition to all the usual fitness information that is easily tracked. Brand-name trackers like this would cost three times as much. Why spend the extra money for a brand-name when this does just as much if not more.

  15. Brooke

    We gave this to my son, and I’m actually impressed with it so far. My favorite thing is that the face of the tracker plugs directly into a usb for charging! Such a great idea, so you don’t have to bother bringing the right cord. Just click off the band and plug it in!

  16. Laila

    This is so good because it helps you a lot with the steps and it fits perfectly I just love it

  17. LT5000

    Ever since I got an iwatch from my health insurance company and compare daily fitness goals with my husband, our son has been whining for his own iwatch. Obviously that’s not going to happen so we got him this- his own little Fitbit that he wears everywhere and loves tracking his daily movement. With childhood obesity on the rise this is a really fun way to challenge him to keep moving. Love it.

  18. Rebecca Davis

    Was surprised to see no charger in the box but after talking to customer service was able to figure it out. Good
    Little fitness watch

  19. Elizabeth Medina

    I got this as a present for my boss’ son who is 9 and is constantly asking me how many steps I’ve gotten. I thought why not get him something comparable to my iPhone watch. It blew me away the features this has- especially for the price! I am thinking of getting more for Christmas because of how much fun he is having with it. He takes it to Karate and brags about his calories. So cute.

  20. Renee I

    My daughter loved how easy it was to use, it does need parent initially. After the set up it all sailing.

  21. Janice

    This is a nice watch. I do not like rubber band that much,
    But sometimes when you are exercising, rubber band is the best choice.
    This watch is cute, can be wear as an everyday watch. It is easy to set up. I tried several functions, it works as it should be.
    The pink color I chose is true to color as list in the photo.

  22. gchandar

    Just picked up this nice fitness tracker. As someone who is on the go quite a bit this tracker fits my lifestyle well. Very simple to use and charge. Some of the functions include:

    – Heart Rate monitor
    – Blood Pressure
    – Steps
    – Distance
    – Blood Oxygen level
    – Messages (sms)
    – Incoming Phone calls

    The app is simple to download and use as well. USB charging. Very light and comfortable!

  23. Katherine

    I purchased this for my daughter to keep track of her daily steps and she loves it!

  24. Gretchen

    Easy to use,it has guided book,everything out there for instructions
    My daughter loves the color,I bought her pink ,makes her motivated to move ,walk,
    Keep them physically fit


    my son wants a smart watch but I doesn’t want to buy an expensive one since he is only 10 years old, this one is great for him and what he was looking and the price is very affordable!!!! very good quality and he can monitor everything!!! battery long all day!!!! he is very happy with his gift!! its small and great design, very comortbale for his wrist.

  26. Stephanie Siemer

    My little one is ‘like mommy’ now (her words). She loves her knew big girl watch. I love how easy it was for her to catch on to and the fit is very good. Watch is durable.

  27. krystle conte

    My 9 yr old is extremely active and loves watching his steps add up, set higher step goals, set alarms, etc… it’s a great value and just ordered one for my younger daughter.

  28. Holly Poteat

    This is a great kids watch. I got it for my daughter, who wanted a watch like her dad and I both have. It fits her wrist very well, and I love the way the straps are adjustable. We charge it just by plugging it into the USB port on our computer, and it takes no time to charge. We set it up with an app on my phone, and it works great. My daughter loves being able to track her health like us adults do, and I appreciate the fact that she is interested in staying healthy because of this watch.

  29. mariana

    Touch screen works well and fast. Also I like the dimensions which are perfect for 8 years boy. My niece now is more motivated to do sport.

  30. Stacik

    This is perfect for my daughter who is starting to tell time. She uses the fitness tracker to compete with herself to get more steps, etc. I set it up using my phone since she doesn’t have a phone and it was very simple and self explanatory. A great way to start some healthy habits!

  31. Amanda

    Daughter really likes this watch. We are always seeing who had the most steps between each other. It’s easy and simple for her to use. Highly recommend for kids

  32. Osca1988r

    Bought this for my daughter in her favorite color purple. This is absolutely cute abd true to what is described. Download the app and quickly pair to my phone. Very easy setup and works great

  33. Stephen B

    It’s not bad and when you do have a problem they try to help which is awesome doesn’t always want to stay connect it to the app not the problem the problem is that sometimes it’s hard to get it to re hook with the app I think I spent 10 minutes once trying to get it to do that I’ve gotten the hang of doing it so I’d only takes me 5 minutes now when it’s hard but it’s actually still pretty good product thanks of this I actually know that I don’t sleep well at night and I got more exercise and I thought I did it still really good product it just takes a little bit of getting used to not quite five stars but four stars is the best I can do they don’t have four and a half Stars so I would give it four and a half but they only go as high as four or five stars although if it breaks I’ll probably buy replacement from the same people for the price it is really good I almost bought something like twice the price but I decide to try the cheaper one that I got and I like it
    It’s worth it
    It is so worth every penny

  34. Chelsi ostergard

    The smart watch is super cute and super simple for children! It’s really easy to hook up my daughter absolutely loves it

  35. Shridhar

    Nice little gadget to get the blood pressure as well.
    Looks cool.

  36. Florence

    Bought for my niece who was so excited to count her steps! Setup was easy – I did use the app to do this part but won’t be using the watch with a phone regularly. Cute color and it is not too big for a kid sized wrist which is nice.

  37. dee

    Seems like a good tracker. I got this for my daughter who turned seven, the wrist band was way too big for her. Didn’t like that I couldn’t find a replacement band for it, but seems like it would be a good tracker for a teenager or small adult.

  38. Shae

    Very easy to setup and battery last pretty good 8-10 hours so far depending on usage keeps track very well and heartbeat rating is also a good point

  39. Kim

    I bought this one for my 10 year old daughter we picked the purple one it so pretty and girly. You have to remove one of the belts to charge it doesn’t come with a charger cable. Charges fast is eassy to use

  40. Mama T

    Perfect size for a kids wrist. Fots my 8 year old great worh room to grow. She wanted to be able to count her steps like me and now she can. It can also tell he O2 levels which is great because she has asthma.

  41. Janice

    We love this tracker! Our daughter loves to track her exercise and have a fitness tracker like her parents! It’s adorable, not too big for her little wrist, and works great! Highly recommend!

  42. toufik ziani

    easy to use, accurate tracking states, easy to link to android and ios phones, app easy to use as well. overall, im very satisfied with what i’ve got for the money.

  43. Kristina Brown

    Love the color, couldn’t figure out how to connect to my phone. But I got it done.

  44. Geeta

    It looks pretty, it has many functions, easy to use, I love it

  45. Christi G

    Great for the kids to feel like a grown up with. Instructions were simple and have link to a website.

  46. Shawna

    This fitness tracker was really easy to set up for my 11-year-old. She love the teal color and I left that it fits her rest well enough to track her sleep as well as her activities. I tried using an adult tracker for her and it just did not pick up her sleeping habits because it was too big on her wrist. This one fits really well. You can track all the different activities as well as sleep heart rate. We can also sync it up to one of our devices for texting and calling. Though I don’t really use it for that function with her.

  47. Jill Campbell

    I was leery of this. Was afraid it might be to babyish for my preteen granddaughter. But, it isn’t. It’s just as good as the one her mom has, and paid lots of dollars for. It had a great mobile app. and the touch screen doesn’t lag, or require a hard touch. It’s large as well. Actually this watch would fit an adult woman as well. It’s looks just like the expensive one. And works just as well, too.

  48. Mini’s Mama

    My daughter always eyes my Fitbit and well just wants to do most everything I do. So it’s only natural I searched to get her one. First off, love the pink! What little girl doesn’t love pink? Directions were easy to follow and I set it up easily and quickly. I love that she loves wearing it but I love that I can actually see how active she is! Whisk many kids addicted to TV and video games, this is a cool way to get them to want to be active! I’m definitely getting my nephews each one for Christmas!!

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