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moreFit Kids Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Waterproof Activity Tracker Watch,Great Gift

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  • ❤️ Designed with 90mAh battery, energy-efficient chips, adjustable screen brightness, clear viewing during the day and not dazzling at night.waterproof IP67,Washing hands, raining, sweating, even swimming can be used.
  • ❤️ Multi-sports mode, including walking, running, cycling, climbing. Accurately track all-day activities including steps, distance, calories burned, heart rate and sleep status with comprehensive analysis.
  • ❤️ Comes with a built-in USB plug and does not need a charging cable for charging, just gently pull the band off and insert the built-in USB plug into a USB charger to charge.
  • ❤️ Ergonomic design, lightweight and durable,comfortable to wear.the tracker watch is perfect for graceful ladies, gentlemen or cool kids.
  • ❤️ Supports IOS 8.0 or higher, Android 5.1or higher.Download APP “JYouPro” by Apple Store and Google Play.





Pure User User Englisch:

Pure User Manual


moreFit Pure Fitness Tracker


  1. Q:Is this waterproof for swimming?

    A:This tracker is IP67 waterproof. We do not recommend you wear it for taking shower with warm or hot water. Such behavior may reduce its life.

  2. Q:Where can I buy A charger, mine did not come with one? Can someone send me a pic of the charger?

    A:Here are some tips for charging:
    1. Please remove both two sides of the band from the host, and you will see the metal pins, please plug this side into the USB port. (the metal pins of tracker should be in contact with the pins of USB charger).
    2. If the watch screen charging icon is not on when inserting the device for charging, please check and turn the direction of the device’s charging plug to the correct way, or try other sockets.
    Warm tips: In order to get a longer lifespan, we recommend you pull out the host from the socket at once after fully charged. It takes about 1~2 hours to get the host fully charged.

  3. Q:Can it be used without a phone?

    A:No, this must be connected to your mobile phone Bluetooth.

  4. Q:Will it track history, in other words can I look at the past 24 hours and see any spikes?

    A:Yes, your phone and device sync successfully, the app will record all the data, you can view all the data in the app.

  5. Q:Does this watch provide your pace?

    A:No, this kids fitness tracker does not provide speed, but the app will record the number of steps you take, the time spent, the calories burned, and the distance.

  6. Q:What is the smallest wrist size this will fit?

    A:This size is suitable for children over 7 years old. size range:5.9-8.25in

  7. Q:Does it track every step I take, even if it’s from my living room to my kitchen?

    A:Yes,The kids activity tracker can track your step and distance from living room to kitchen

  8. Q:Can it be synced to an iPod?

    A:No, this watch is not suitable for ipad.
    We only support mobile phone Bluetooth device connection

  9. Q:Does this watch save heart rate data throughout the day?

    A:Yes, turn on the automatic tracking heart rate function, the APP will record all heart rate data. (but it will also consume more power)

  10. Q:Does the watch have to be with the phone at all time to work ?

    A:Yes, in the absence of any obstruction, our watch and mobile phone have a maximum connection distance of 10 meters and a minimum of 3 meters. If this distance is exceeded, disconnection will occur.

7 reviews for moreFit Kids Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Waterproof Activity Tracker Watch,Great Gift

  1. Suhas Pai

    My son loves it, he wears it all day and keeps challenging me with his steps counter.

    Way to keep kids active! He loves the interface and clock. I would recommend all parents to have these steps counter for their kids.

    Inexpensive and Durable. The strap may take some time to get used to.

  2. Josh Gavrich

    Bought this for my daughter to use (she’s 8 now). It’s a little too big for her wrist, but she wears it anyways.

    The HR monitor and steps seem accurate. I find that the blood pressure can be tricky at times (has to be in a good place on the wrist). I don’t have equipment to measure the blood oxygen at home, but I’m hoping it’s right.

    So much crammed into a small package. I love that it plugs into a USB port and it’s not another proprietary charger I have to keep around all the time.

  3. S L

    Look its not a Fitbit or other well-known brands… but its less than 30 bucks and I won’t be mad if my kid loses it … the app and watch it’s very easy to install and setup. IT fits my 9 years old on the last hole… and he loves his first fitness tracker. Move around and stop staring at a screen all the time.

  4. lorena

    Got this kids track fitness for my son, I was looking for one that was easy to used by hin and this is perfect he figured it out since day one, we like it a lot.

  5. Eric S. Below

    I have been using this fitness watch for a few days now and I am amazed at all the technology built into such a small package. I love that I can see text messages that I am receiving without having to take my phone out of my pocket in addition to all the usual fitness information that is easily tracked. Brand-name trackers like this would cost three times as much. Why spend the extra money for a brand-name when this does just as much if not more.

  6. Brooke

    We gave this to my son, and I’m actually impressed with it so far. My favorite thing is that the face of the tracker plugs directly into a usb for charging! Such a great idea, so you don’t have to bother bringing the right cord. Just click off the band and plug it in!

  7. Laila

    This is so good because it helps you a lot with the steps and it fits perfectly I just love it

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