moreFit MOF Smart Watch Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor

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  • Fitness Smart Watch main Function- Heart rate monitor, Breathing Training, Music Control, Female Physiological Cycle, Steps, Calories, Notifications reminder, Intelligent sleep tracker, Alarm clock, Stop Watch, Sedentary etc. (Note:heart rate and blood pressure monitor is just for reference only, NOT for medical use).
  • 13” Colorful Touchscreen & Lightweight- Smart Watch adopts 1.3″ Colorful TFT Touch Screen, the screen will turn on automatically when turn your wrist, and this sport tracker weighing only 1.34oz (38g), soft breathable strap which make wearing more comfortable.
  • 14 Sports Mode & Activity Tracking- Activity Tracker including 14 Sports Mode, Profession for indoor or outdoor sport, and check your real-time Steps, Calories consumption, distance, heart rate all day.
  • Longer Battery Life & Broad Compatibility- This smart sport watches full charge requires only about 1 hour and the standby time can be 5-7 days, APP compatible with iOS 8.0 above and Android 5.1 above smart phones (not for iPad, tablet or PC), please install the “VeryFitPro” app in your Android iOS Phone and device pairing.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed- BingoFit offers a 30-day refund policy, and 12-month new replacement warranty. If you have any question about of our Fitness Smart Watch please feel free to contact us via





MOF User Manual:

MOF User Manual


moreFit MOF Smart Watch overview #Christmas_gift


  1. Q:Is it compatible with iPhone Xr

    A:Yes,I can conpatible with iPhone Xr ,The device is compatible with IOS8.0 & above and Android 4.4 & above.

  2. Q:What app do you need to download?

    A:You need to install the “VeryFitPro” app on your mobile phone.

  3. Q:Can this watch be work while swimming and does it use the VeryFitPro app as well?

    A:Yes,This tracker is IP68 waterproof. But we do not recommend you wear it for taking shower with warm or hot water. Such behavior may reduce its life. You can wear it for swimming in pool no more than 3 meters.

  4. Q:How to use GPS, why the watch will automatically black screen?

    A:The tracker uses the GPS on your phone instead of having it built into the watch itself. It means you need to take your phone with you if you need to track your motion path.
    In order to extend the battery life of the watch, the watch will automatically black out after it is lit, just press the button on the right side of the watch and it will light up.

  5. Q:How to monitor sleep, why is my sleep not accurate?

    A:I want to explain something about the sleep monitoring.
    1. Only more than 4 hours sleep data can be detected. Please make sure you have slept more than 4 hours. (Keep lying down more than 4 hours, sitting up will end sleep moniter.)
    2. The sleep period is not limited, it can detect your sleep data more than 4 hours no matter on morning, afternoon or night.
    3. Please make sure the App “VeryfitPro” is downloaded from Google Play Store or App Store. Downloaded from other channels may cause imcompatibility problem.
    4. Make sure the watch has been connected with the App “VeryfitPro” on your mobilephone.
    5. Please checked whether you have synced the data from watch to App by manually sliding down the App’s homepage after ending sleep.
    6. The watch tracks and records your sleep mode automatically by reading the action of your wrist and body, so you must wear the watch while you sleep.
    7. If you have followed above steps, and it still has not any sleep data, maybe there is a bug. We need you to offer below information:
    1) Your mobilephone model and system version.
    2) Please take a screenshot on “Device” interface of App and send it to us. We need to check the firmware version and firmware MAC address.

  6. Q:Any suggestions for notifications to work? Tried all instructions…

    A:I suggest you uninstall the app and then re-download and install it. When you open it, a lot of permission notifications will pop up. You click OK and open all notifications.

  7. Q:Can you store music on this watch and listen to music using Bluetooth headphone?

    A:You can’t store music, but you can listen to music via a Bluetooth connection.
    Spotify is a music player, the fitness tracker can control the spotify pause or play, Go to “Device” page, and tap “Music Control”, tap √ icon to save the setting. And tap “Music Controller” on the watch to enter the function and control the music playing.

  8. Q:Will iMessages pop up on screen?

    A:When you receive the message, the smart bracelet will pop up the message and display it to the watch interface.

  9. Q:How many alarms does the watch have? Can you reject a phone call gettin thre watch?

    A:This watch can be set to 10 alarms, you can directly reject the call.

  10. Q:Can you reject the call from your watch? Is the screen scratch resistant if not can you get a screen protecter?

    A:Yes, you can hang up the phone directly from your watch. This watch is screen scratch resistant, but we don’t have a screen scratch-resistant film for free. Sorry, we will improve afterwards.


  1. Sam

    Nice watch! Bright display that you can see in the sun. Battery life is awesome. I wish the app had better long term tracking on the pulse , but other than that I love this watch.

  2. Teame

    Amazing gift item. The person I gifted it to gave an outstanding feedback. Said it’s so efficient and amazing and functional. The watch reads steps so accurately
    You cannot pick calls but you get notified that you have a call or message and practically every social media message on your phone.

    My preference would have been to get something that can receive calls. But this will do for now.

  3. Haley M

    Nice easy to use fitness tracker. It has so many functions that I am still going through them. I have swam and showered with this on so I can proudly say it is waterproof. It tracks distance heartrate sleep patterns Cal burned. It also has a timer and alarm function. My favorite part of this is there is option to find your connected device so if your like me and misplace your phone you just tap and it rings. It uses veryfitpro application.

  4. Dale Rhoads

    Good product for price. It sync with my smartphone(android). Like the product. Keeps pretty accurate data, when walking keep on most active arm to record data.

  5. Manvenk

    Got it for my son ,and he likes the colorful red strap , he mostly uses to track his activity and count the steps ,which he is able to do with this watch along with the other features ,and I am happy that I got it in my budget ,

  6. Karthik

    This is great product for any one under budget. I have been using this for couple of days. I have been user of other smartband. Few interesting things I found:

    1. Build quality is great and reliable
    2. Heartbeat sensor is great
    3. Step counts seems very close to other smartband I use
    4. Great looks

    Few cons:
    1. It does not have great onboarding process, but after few attempts I was able to get connected with watch
    2. Mobile app coule be improved

  7. Mika

    The Smartwatch is really good and I can say this because one of the most important things for me when I buy an electronic device is the performance and that includes the battery life the most for me. The battery life on this smartwatch is supposed to only be up to 10 days on one charge but for it lasted me 15 days in total. I wore it about almost 12 hours a day on most days and maybe about 6 hours on 2 days of the week which was on my days off from work.

    The smartwatch is also dust resistant and I can say this because it has been clear of dust and dirt for the most for me. You have a lot of features on the watch such as smart notification, music controller, sleep quality and the amount of hours can be monitored, heart rate and its changes, alarms you can set and they actually make sounds, your menstrual cycle being recorded, a stopwatch, and even a timer. Now that is a lot of features that most smartwatch’s definitely don’t have at all. I like the features of recording the menstrual cycle, the alarm clock for when I have to take medication and im not by my phone to remind me and the smart notification which can notify you of many things I will discuss in a few.

    The smart notification has so many things to connect with. Some of the notification you can get are text messages, calls, calendar events, Facebook messenger, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter which are the main platforms we use today and daily. Having the notifications allow you to see whether or not you really want to get up and get your phone to respond to any of those platforms or even emails you may see, which I forgot to mention. The smartwatch has 14 sport modes to choose between when you want to monitor your body and the steps needed. The things they monitor and track are your steps, miles walked and calories burned for those who work out. This would be a good watch for those especially workout often.

    One thing I have to warn you about is that it DOES NOT answer your calls. You can only see who is calling and the one that I have can allow you to hang up the incoming call by sending it right to voicemail.

    I would recommend it because of the 15 day battery life for me, the sport modes it has and the many things you can have a notification from, plus the watch is very comfortable.

  8. vdt

    Everything is so easy with the USB charger now, and I like it come with USB charging and multi-function. It comes with charging cable. You just buckle the watch into the charger seat, insert the USB plug into a USB charger to charge the device. The device is compatible with IOS8.0 & above and Android 4.4 & above. It has touch screen design for fitness tracker, swiping the screen to enter different interface and switch different data. When you do left and right buttons have different usage functions. You will have to download the VeryFitPro app for iOS or Andriod device for detailed exercise data and more functions. It also heart rate & sleep monitoring by using the best chips, HR Monitor, monitor heart rate automatically and continuously on your wrist. You can check your history heart rate data in the app after you synced the will so sleep monitor, and track how long you spending in deep and light sleep to give you a clear picture of your sleep quality. This is a powerful fitness tracker because it is really accurately record all-day activities like steps, distance, calories burned, music controller, relax, alarm clock, timer, women health tracking. It can receiving call, calendar, SMS and SNS (Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter) notifications on display, you will never miss the messages that matter.

  9. KC

    The moreFit smart watch is that and much more. The watch does keep track of your steps and time of exercise. It also connects to your phone so you know when your phone is ringing. It is waterproof. The screen is a touch screen which is fabulous. It holds a charge for 3 days and going. I would highly recommend this Smart Watch.

  10. Amazon Customer

    The watch has an excellent display and is fairly easy to operate. However, i have a question about the accuracy, but for the cost it satisfies the basic need

  11. Jodi Waidelich

    I really love this watch. Great value.

  12. Edy Oghale

    I am yet to dislike anything about this product. I love everything. It does what i expect and its readings are amazingly accurate.

  13. Amber H

    This product was a replacement for a Fitbit that got too old and cracked. I wanted something that didn’t break the bank but also looked like a more expensive watch. This looks a lot like an Apple Watch and I get many compliments on the looks of it. One of my favorite features of this is that it shows up texts very clearly and has crazy good connectivity to my phone and the app is very smooth. One of the things I have an issue with is that I don’t believe it tracks heart rate and steps accurately. Also I am confused on what it counts calories in

  14. Havi Farmer

    I love this watch. It links to my iPhone XMax and it monitors my heart rate calories miles and alerts me on texts phone calls and Facebook notifications. It can do more but that’s all I really need it for

  15. Kathy Clanton

    Been using over a week and I really love it so far no complaints. I use it for a weight loss app through my husbands work to keep up with my steps to earn points for rewards.

  16. Rosa

    I really liked this smart watch. Of all the watches that i have purchases till now, i like this the best. It has a really smart features and that look is a killer. Also, the battery life is good with a smooth touch. I loved it.

  17. Vyolet

    More manly looking fitness watch for husband. He loves it, waterproof has been fully tested and true. Comfort fit and app is user friendly

  18. Kelsi Uthe

    Very impressed! Vet similar, almost identical to the Fitbit versa I had that was ruined from water, but for half the price tag! Have only had and used to a day and a half so far, but so far working great. It was also very neatly packaged!

  19. Emily robb

    Love this. Gad a camera, facebook and everything on it, tracks ur sleep… to use social media on it u have to have a sim card in it tho…

  20. Cayla Pugh

    This was a gift for my husband and he loves it. It was easy to connect and sync with his phone! He loves all the different options the watch has to offer. The battery life is long and it charges pretty quickly

  21. RMCG

    Very easy to use and not as complicated as many smart watches

  22. Kris Dermendzhiev

    So far it is great. I have tried many smart watches and they are all huge and bad looking. This one fits just right and is great. Very easy to install and the battery life is impeccable. i have another smart watch – famous brand, i like this one better. Less expensive and serving the same purpose with a better battery life. Recommend it.

  23. B. Delgado

    I have tried several fitness trackers in the past few years including well known brands, but I can tell you that this product stands out. I get all the same functionality, and more for less than half of what I paid for my last fitbit. I use the sports modes almost everyday and provides very accurate results

  24. bfn236

    Update: It’s been over a week and it still has a little juice. I started using this watch on the evening of the 19th. Today is the 28th and it still has some battery power. I did change it mid week to the lower brightness, but that’s because I noticed people on the subway getting distracted when it would turn on. I can still clearly see it even in the sunlight on the lowest brightness.

    I wanted a watch that would count my steps while I didn’t have my phone on my body while at work. I get up from my desk and move around a lot, but since I don’t keep my phone in my pocket all those steps aren’t calculated. I love that it let’s you know that you received a message or a call because I don’t pay attention to my phone while at work; I’m always so busy.

    I like the size it’s not chunky or big as you can see in the photo. It can fit a wide range of wrist. When I first received it my son tried to commandeer it. It fit his wrist as well, he’s 9. It’s also boxed nicely and the instruction manual is clear and the instructions are in several languages.

  25. Paul Jr

    Using this to keep track of my steps and monitor my heart rate. Make sure you connect through the app before anything.

  26. Harry K

    Just the watch I was looking for. Smart, simple and easy to set up. And all this without spending hundreds of dollars. I am ordering 2-nd one for my wife.

  27. Marjorie

    I am pretty happy with this watch and extremely happy with the VALUE. My Apple Watch died and I have purchased several cheap watches as I couldn’t justify the price. This is the only one that works as promised. The battery lasts for days! It is very light weight and looks sleek. I can read my text messages and am alerted to phone calls. I am fine with not being able to reply to text or answer calls as I never felt the Apple Watch worked that well for those purposes. The app works fine. The band is very comfortable. For the price this is a great value. Mine was delivered with a scratch on the face but I am too busy to return it. I wish you could change out the band for fashion reasons and I wish there where more options for the clock face but those are minor.

  28. Kathy Clanton

    Bought this as a gift for my dad, and he absolutely loves it. I guess a bunch of people have asked him when he got an Apple Watch lol hey can’t beat the price. It keeps great track of steps and functions as advertised. He says he is very pleased with this smart watch

  29. Ali Sheek

    It’s an amazing tracker with long battery backup.

  30. SeñoraHernandez

    I like how easy and compatible this device is with iOS and android. Also because the app is great tracks your sleep tells you about deep sleep and light sleep and how many hours you got. Also great relaxation exercises easily available

  31. Jesus Daniel Cisneros Vazquez

    Great smart watch great value for the price I love how well it fits and I love how it keeps track of my steps through the app


    I think I found the perfect fit smart watch. Not only I get so track my steps but also my heart rate and quality of sleep. I was able to quickly pair it to my Android phone. Both watch and app are easy to navigate and I like that I can change the language (Spanish my favorite). The option to enable message notifications and choose between apps is so convenient for when I am at work same as the 1 minute relax function and the timer. The music controller would be great only if I could synchronize to Spotify.

  33. Amazon Customer

    Unbelievable for the price this smartwatch is really good overall,not a high end smartwatch but wao great job for under 50$ dollars great value for the price.

  34. Brett Husar

    Great price and product. I use it for tracking my fitness goals and as a stop watch during workouts. It serves it’s purpose quite well and you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for a souped up watch. If you are looking for a product to help you track your fitness goals and are not looking to overspend I highly recommend this product.

  35. _anie

    I got this for my 12 year old for his birthday, and he loves it! He really likes the digital watch. It is very easy to use and to understand. The face is a little bit on the smaller size so it better with a smaller wrist.

  36. Amazon Customer

    Very nice does all I want it too
    Very nice comfortable band
    Love it .great watch for the money

  37. ThunderJ

    I bought this smart watch as i always go to the gym lately. I found this to be my new gym buddy as all the functions were very useful when doing my workout. I can even know that i have a call or message on my phone.Good buy and worth the price!

  38. Jaime M James

    Exercising, monitoring heart, steps sleep and much more! Just love this smart watch and fitness track!

  39. ss

    This is very nice product. It has almost same features as the ones in the best market. But this price is very good when compared to other ones in market. I am using it daily and have no problems at all.

  40. Maysam Pournik

    Comfortable, fashionable, and easy to use. Has many functions and works as good as more expensive Fitbit watches.,

  41. Karissa

    I’ve had this product for week now. It’s great quality, especially for the price. I think the sleeping and heart rate may be slightly off, but probably not enough to make a difference. I highly recommend this watch.

  42. Mcserafin

    I got this watch for my dad as a gift to his birthday. . Packaging was awesome giftable. Price is reasonable. . It’s easy to connect to the phone. And battery last long like 3days more for non activity . Brightness was really great even the touch screen we don’t have problem. It’s really awesome smartwatch my dad like it so much. Good quality.

  43. Brittiny Richey

    This smartwatch is great. It tracks everything I need. It is easy to pair and set up. I love that it tells me the time with my steps all on the same screen.

  44. Laura Lassiter

    I am on call on weekends and with summer here I want to be able to put my phone in my backpack or a pouch to go to six flags. This watch alerts me when my phone is ringing so I can not hold my phone all day. Added bonus is the fitness features.

  45. Scott M. Gray

    Half I end up giving as presents as I do not like this feature or it is not sensitive enough on the touch screens. This one, a bit larger, fits my fat fingers better We can all be stopped and play with them fine, I needed something that I can be moving and use and this one, only the second one so far, has that ability to be sensitive enough, yet not pass over too fast what I am trying to do. Pretty happy and pretty sure this one will not turn into a present for someone else 🙂

  46. Robert & Colleen W

    LOVE THIS!!!! Took a little figuring out but now that I have had time to play with it I am very pleased.

  47. codie charlton

    This watch is amazing! I bought it for my husband, and he loves it! It’s is easy to use, and light weight! I loved it so much after seeing his I got one for myself!

  48. Richard Kissick

    Well, there is nothing I don’t like about this watch. I purchased this watch for my 8 year old girl, and the band is fantastic, will synch up to her tiny wrist, and even fit my wife’s as well, very versatile band, seen nothing like it. The watch has a quality app, works well in all modes, but get this, it tracks the calories burned for my girl. No other watch in the stores does this for children, they only show in the parent app that info, where this is exactly what my girl keeps bugging me about, now, she can see it for herself. Welllll worth it, just for that feature. Watch has lasted a few days now, battery lasts a long time. Charging was quick right out of the box. Well worth the money, highly recommend this watch over ANY fitness watch on the market.

  49. Jay

    I really love this Fitness Tracker. I enjoy the fact that this tracker has a lot of features my other tracker did not. I also liked the heart rate monitoring that indicated that I was not sleeping well. The USB charging is also a great plus to this device. Best of all, this is a high quality, properly made device and I will highly recommend it to anyone wanting to monitor their fitness.

  50. Abdul azeem Mohammed

    I wanted a lightwieght watch with NO sim card. This fits the bill. The watch itself is fantastic! The menu is easy to learn and navigate. It feels light and comfortable. I was going to order another band before I even used the watch but didn’t. This rubber band is super comfy and durable, looks better IRL compared to the pictures. Thank you MoreFit for bringing me this amazing piece of watch at such an affordable price!

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