moreFit Vogu Smart Watch, IP68 Waterproof Activity Tracker

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  • Smart Watch main Function-Heart rate and Blood pressure monitor, Steps, Calories burned, Notifications reminder, Intelligent sleep tracker, Camera remote, Alarm clock, Stop Watch, Sedentary etc.
  • Heart Rate Monitor and Sleep Tracking-The real time heart rate monitor keeps a 24 hours record of your heart rate automatically. The sleep monitor comprehensively analyzes the data such as your sleep duration and sleep depth, which helps you to improve sleep quality.
  • Call and Message Notifications-Receive call, SMS and SNS (Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter etc) notifications on display, you can quickly view the information and never miss the messages that matter .
  • Waterproof and Female Physiological Cycle-The smart fitness tracker meets IP68 waterproof and dust proof standard. But we don’t recommend to wear the sport tracker while diving, and it can help record a woman’s menstrual cycle, safety period, ovulation period,physiological period and it appears only if the sex was set as female.
  • Support and Warranty-The sport watch compatible with IOS 8.0 and above & Android 4.4 and above, BLE 4.0.(not for iPad, tablet or PC). If you are not satisfied with this activity tracker , please contact us before return it or review it.






Vogu User Manual:

Vogu User Manual English

Vogu Benutzerhandbuch Deutsch:

Vogu Benutzerhandbuch Deutsch


How to connect moreFit 2019 new released round smart watch with Andriod phone

How to connect moreFit 2019 new released round watch with IOS phone

How to charge the moreFit Vogue Smart Watch.

How to adjust the steel strap of moreFit 2019 round smart watch

2019 moreFit New released smart watch


  1. Q: How to charge?

    A: Check this video to know how to charge it correctly. (Watch the video )

  2. Q: How do you charge this item?

    A:Comes with a special magnetic USB charger. Plug in the normal USB port to charge, such as computer, mobile phone charger plug, etc.

  3. Q: What size band?

    A: Hi,Band size is about 5.9in-8.2in.

  4. Q: How accurate is the heart monitor?

    A:The heart rate reading of the smart watch is almost the same as the heart rate reading of Fitbit and Apple watch.

  5. Q: can you read the text message on the face of the watch?

    A: Yes, it support, Pls do the follow steps.
    1. you can go into the app and open SNS Alert, and choice the app u want to get notification. then connected sucessfully
    2. Pls keep the Bluetooth of your phone is on, bind your phone with fitness trackers sucessfully.
    3. Please make sure your SNS app allow notifications.
    4. please do not login your SNS account in computer at the same time.
    5. Please do not stay at the SNS app in your phone when u want to get message from fitness trackers.

  6. Q: Can you send text messages from this watch?

    A: Sorry, this watch is temporarily unable to send text messages. But you can receive text messages and calls, and you can hang up.

  7. Q: How far away does you iPhone have to be to stay connected

    A: The distance between this watch and the phone is about 5-10 meters.If Bluetooth is not broken on your phone. The mobile phone background app keeps running, this watch can record and keep data all the time.

  8. Q: Does the watch’s screen turn on with you lift your wrist like the apple watch? Or will I have to press the touch button to turn it on?

    A: You can lift your wrist or press the touch button to turn it on. There are two ways to open the screen.

  9. Q: How do I set the time?

    A: The date and time of the bracelet is automatically synchronized with the phone. You only need to download the app to your phone, then open the Bluetooth connection device, then enter the APP, the login device is successful, the date and time of the phone will be automatically synchronized.

  10. Q: What models of mobile phones does it support?

    A: The watch is compatible with iOS 8.2 and above and Android 4.4 and higher smartphones (not for iPad, tablet or PC). Please install the “KingFit” app on your phone and device pairing.

1 review for moreFit Vogu Smart Watch, IP68 Waterproof Activity Tracker

  1. tazdev

    Worth buying – Updated to 5*
    Arrived the day after order placed & as described. Easy instructions to link to my phone using KingFit app. Comfortable metal bracelet strap looks better than silicone ones in my opinion. It lasts me 2-3 days until 1 bar on display. It seems to record my heart rate & blood pressure fairly accurately – I have a dedicated Omron blood pressure device which gave similar readings to the watch.
    The sleep pattern feature seems a bit sensitive and overestimates how long I’ve been asleep by 20-30% compared to my older ‘£10 GearBest special’ tracker whereas the steps recorder is less sensitive than this previous device when used for walking.

    My main gripe is with the app itself, but perhaps I’m expecting too much from a £40 smartwatch with a free app. I’ve only had the watch 4 days but although the app records the relevant info, it only seems to store up to three days stats, viewable a day a time. EDITED: Discovered that if you actually register with the app you can get week/month/year average stats, so my mistake!

    Pity info can’t be read by other apps (I tried about 10 other similar watch/fitness band apps) and also no integration with Runtastic/MyFitnessPal/GoogleFit. It’s also hard to find reviewers going into much detail about the apps themselves so buying an unknown brand can be a bit hit and miss.
    Overall, worth buying, just remember it’s not a £200 device

  2. Lee Gifford

    Very stylish watch and very good
    I actually find this watch very nice, its design is pretty awesome . The display is vibrant and the functions are useful for fitness. I opted for this as my entry to smart fitness watches to see if i do actually need one but so far this watch is all i need for now and comes with a good price. Battery life is pretty decent, The blood pressure is something that could be something to note, I wouldnt say that its 100% accurate so if you are someone that needs 100% accurate reading from a smartwatch then maybe you shouldnt rely too much on this watch, although its a good measurement to see where in the ballpark your BP is.And you can see all you notifications from the phone.amazing

  3. Afzal

    Flawless smartwatch
    Not so sure where to begin! Great quality, stylish, smart. I’ve had a fitness tracker before as I go to the gym 6-8x a week, but wanted something more like a watch to wear outside and better quality, didn’t want to spend too much on it either! So shopped around for a few weeks, online and in stores, and came across morefit Vogue smart watch on amazon. This device is another level! To start with it’s sturdy, have banged it against weights a few times while working out, no issues at all (thanks to the screen protector that came with it!) as the body + the straps of the watch are made of metal.
    The watch itself looks very smart, good for casual wear and dinners.
    Battery life is amazing! Charged it once when it arrived for a few hours overnight, haven’t had to charge it since (6 days now).
    The screen changes colour and is more sensitive to the sun for example, gets brighter and the background of the screen/text changes so you can automatically see the screen easier.
    As for the interface- not gana go too much into that – all the apps/icons are arranged in a way to make it very easy to use.
    Very helpful during gym, I can put it on the gym mode- for rests between work outs, it gives me notifications/vibrates -helps a lot.
    As for fitness tracker- it has all the features and more. You can also change the colour of the screen if you wanted.
    During sleep, just like iPhone u can change the settings to (basically cancel any incoming notifications/calls) “do not disturb” and it monitors how well you slept/did you have broken sleep etc.
    Connected it to my iPhone with no issues within a second. Informs me of all my notifications/ calls etc. Synced with my phone very quickly after choosing the sync button, You can basically use it instead of an Apple Watch, which is extortionately expensive!

  4. Loyal Buyer

    Hubby is pleased!
    My hubby has been looking for a starter smart watch which is bright enough in the daylight, found this gem on amazon and went on to purchase it. For the price this product is excellent, does the job flawlessly. Although the display is square it goes perfectly with the round dial. I was extremely impressed with the quality strap. Hubby was really pleased as it paired smoothly to his phone. The delivery was prompt from Amazon as always. Highly recommend this product!

  5. Callum Willsom

    Smart Smart Watch
    This is my first smart watch and to be honest I was unsure about it when ordering as it has a fair price. But I was absolutely suprised with how good it is.
    The watch itself has a really comfortable solid strap that feels substantial not lightweight plastic like most of the others to look at and the face of the watch is the perfect size not to big nor to small.
    The screen resolution is brilliant not what I was expecting as I thought the listing was not computer generated but it was better than I expected. With autobrightness on it works very well. The step counter is very accurate as a delivery guy I spent alot of time walking and closely monitored it along with my steps couldn’t fault it. The heart rate monitor works great with a vibrate mode that tells you if your heart rate gets a little high if your working out hard. Also good for monitoring when sleeping. Would recommend this to any one looking for a more top of the range smart watch.

  6. Gaurav J.

    Can’t get a better smart watch than this
    Awesome product. After using it for few days I am now addicted to it. Each day I am learning a new thing about it. But the basic feature for which I got it is brilliant.

    Built – unlike other smart watch with cheap plastic strap this is of very good quality. Very light weight yet solid as my son has already dropped it couple of times.

    App – download the kingfit app with instructions given in the booklet provided. You can set notifications, features from this app. It is quite simple to use.

    Features – It has all the fitness tracker features. Can monitor bp, heart rate, kcal, sleep monitor, date, time, sleep, steps. Apart from fitness it also has features like find phone, notification for call, message.

    Screen – The touch is smooth and easy to use. All apps are arranged which is simple to use.

    Look – The watch looks stylish. I have been wearing this to office as well.

    Battery – I charged it once for around 2 hours when it arrived since then haven’t have to charge it. The charger is cool unlike other watch where strap has to be removed.

    This is my first smart watch so was bit reluctant to buy in this range at the same didn’t wanted to go for the cheap plastic ones. Really glad I bought this. Being Amazon’s choice smart watch also helped in selecting this so a big thanks to Amazon team who are highlighting genuinely good product.

    Really loved the product. Genuinely good. Highly recommend.

    Please note haven’t got the chance to see if it is waterproof or not.

  7. Barry Innes

    Bought as a gift for the wife. She’s pleased.
    I personally own a fitbit ionic, the wife wanted one but I suspect she will get bored quite quickly, and waste the best part of 150 sheet. I decided to give her this and she’s very pleased, as a busy woman on the go she doesn’t have time to constantly check her messages, but a quick prompt and glance to the watch and she knows if it’s important enough to respond to. *

  8. Kateryna

    Best smart watch I ever had
    Best smart watch I have ever had. I absolutely love the design it looks elegant and expensive. I bought it to use loosing my weight. It helps me to count steps I do during the day, lets me know when to get up and walk around as it vibrates. Also I can connect it with my phone and receive notifications, check my heart rate, set up training timer and much more. I love it very much. Just one thing- my older son asks me to get the same. Maybe I will present this one to him and will buy the same with colour lady’s bracelet for myself.

  9. Amirah

    MoreFit Vogu – Pros & Cons
    Once i installed the app and connected from my phone to my watch it was easy to setup. The strap is a nice and simple design with a clasp that can be altered with ease and fits comfortably once altered. The screen is touch screen but only at the bottom which threw me to start but as everyhing is really recorded by the phone doesn’t matter anyway.
    The watch charges with a USB cable that plugs into my USB plug and the other end is a nice magnetic charging point which connects to the phone with ease.
    The app is simple and you can use functions like taking a photo, running stats, health stats and much more with a simple on/off choice. The would like to see a thinner version in future.

  10. Amrat Khetani

    Very smart looking watch with excellent battery life
    This watch looks very stylish, almost Apple watch like with it metal strap and body. The strap is adjustable and you get a tool to do it in the pack. The smart watch features are standard, with heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, step count, sleep monitor, stop watch and phone finder. You can keep a history of the watch data by syncing it to the king fit app. You also can configure the watch to send message alerts and there’s a choice of 4 watch face designs. The battery lasts ages aswell, I’ve been using it for over a week now and I still have 40% left.

  11. Angel

    Solid build with plenty of nice features
    I have been using this watch for a week now and found it to be good quality with plenty of nice features, both for sporty persons and non-sporty people.

    Touch screen is good but please keep in mind that not whole screen is touch-able. Screen size is really good & the watch looks really nice.

    Battery life is good as well. With full day usage, it lasted me about 6/7 days for a full charge.

    Other health related features are good e.g. heart and blood pressure monitor but i would not recommend relaying on the watch to monitor these, but they are good indicators really.

    Overall, what a good piece of equipment.

  12. Chris

    Looks more expensive than it is
    I got this because its cheap and I like the strap and pebble like screen. People comment on it saying how good it looks which is nice, this is partly down to that strap which is like a fine chainmail, and comfy to wear unlike some metal straps that catch on hairs. The screen is a square in a circle face which is ok but noticable on occasion; however it is bright and can be seen easily in the sun. Battery life is about 1 1/2 days for me, but I have it on maximun sensitivity. The app is good and links easily to the watch to set the time and settings. I haven’t used sport mode so can’t comment. The heart rate monitor is apparently accurate, but the blood pressure not so much but hey its £40. Overall I’ll keep wearing it.

  13. Deb Stone

    It’s a great fitness Watch with notifications and tells the time, perfectly!
    The watch arrived on Saturday and I’ve used it a lot! The battery is still half full today, lunchtime (Tuesday) so I’m very happy about how long the battery lasts. I mainly use the ‘steps’ ‘BP and heart monitoring’ ‘workout’ and messaging functions as I don’t need a watch to tell me how bad and poor quality my sleep patterns are (the bags under my eyes are all I need to know.) The Watch is amazing, even better than the Fitbit Charge. Everything works well and syncs perfectly with the App ‘KingFit’. I particularly like the notification of phone calls and SMS and it can also notify you of WhatsApp and other things to if you need them.
    The watch part is great and the watch syncs with my iPhone so the time is always spot on.
    I love it.

  14. ltrisotti

    Very very good for the price.
    I have to say it is a very smart looking watch and the strap itself is so soft. Just so comfy.
    It doesn’t have a touch/swipe screen, in my eyes it’s actually an up side, as I dont want to have my finger prints all over.
    As to the features itself, I’m not gonna say much, it’s very responsive with the app (KingFit on App Store).
    Good battery life, magnetic charger pretty common now.

    One thing I have to say is on the watch itself notification like text messages. It only appears once, when it disappear from the screen you are not able to re-read it. (Could be just me haven’t figured out) maybe it’s something worth looking into for the developer to add on in the future firmware update.
    All and all very pleased with it.

  15. Sue Lyn Cheang

    Beautiful smartwatch
    Its a beautiful smartwatch, fits my hand perfectly. I have pretty small writs, so I’m really grateful that the strap had enough holes far enough to accommodate. The watch face is large enough to see everything clearly, but not big enough that it looks weird on my wrist. The display goes pretty bright, so it’s alright outdoors. One thing to note is that the display itself is not touchscreen; there is a touch button at the base of the screen that you can use to control the watch. The charger is small and portable which I really like. I’m not sure if this is a feature mentioned, but it feels like there is smart wake too, so the watch lights up when you raise your wrist.! Overall, nice watch!

  16. jo

    so many functions
    I recently got a watch like this for my son and I was jealous of it so I have got this one for myself. This watch has so any functions on its it brilliant. It was easy to pair up with my phone and the whole setting up only took a few minuets. The watch come neatly packaged with comprehensive manual. So far this watch has given my hours of fun looking at all the different functions. I would recommend this watch to anyone who like sport and stats.

  17. Fa_n

    Very nice for my small wrist
    This isn’t my first smart watch and to be honest it’s really a Lovely watch. Specially I have a small wrist so not all the watches and strap is going to fit me . But this one I really love it . Packaging is really well done. 3 different watch display.excelleant quality. Can monitor heart rate , blood pressure and track the physical activity. Can be worn while sleeping as well ( honestly didn’t try) . I can get notifications on my watch while my phone is connected to the watch.the battery is very long lasting as well from the day I bought I still didn’t charge it and it’s been more then 4/5 days. Overall it’s a good one .

  18. Unisa

    Perfect, just what i wanted.
    This watch is great quality, thin and lightweight. The display is beautiful and there’s different styles to choose from. All the different functions are great and easy to track and use from your phone using the app. The app itself is easy to use. The battery life is very long i have been using it since i got it and i haven’t had to charge it yet so that is great. Overall I really like this watch and I would definitely recommend it.

  19. Nishanta Gurung

    Great watch
    I was reluctant to purchase it given its price but in actual it looks much better. The stainless steel strap looks and feel nice. I like that it has no buttons and everything is done through apps. The battery life is good nearly 3-4 days on a single charge. The most important features to me was BP monitoring as recently my BP was getting high due to my improper eating time because of work. Everything that it measures like sleep, HR , BP is all stored on its app. Much pleased with this purchased

  20. Purple rain

    I like my new smart watch. You can easy always check your blood pressure, pulse, steps,messages and more. I wanted exactly these watch because I can easily check my blood pressure and text and phone calls if my phone is not available. Very easy to use. Waterproof and stylish Screen is great quality was surprise for me. Highly recommended to all and the battery lasts several days which is very good as well , overall a very good buy like the black bracelet. Looks very nice.

  21. Ms S. Shah

    Sleek design
    My sister was feeling left out because both my parents and I already have a fitness tracker.
    My research led to me to this one. My sister likes the sleek design. There’s no button on this side unlike the other watches we have.
    The round face looks lovely on her wrist. She also finds the face straightforward with useful information without having to scroll through, including the time and steps.
    She’s been using it for five days and hasn’t had to charge it yet.

  22. Dean Jones

    Able to keep track of my daily fitness levels
    Bought this due to needing to keep a better check on my health, with it being easy to check daily step count and calories burnt. Also to watch my blood pressure. I’ve also downloaded the app to join this and be able to sync all data from each day to give me an overall result.
    If I’ve not put on charge at night this also monitors my sleep pattern to say how good or bad my sleep has been. For it’s price this is a good value smart watch and does all as described

  23. samantha Phillips

    Excellent glad i got one
    This is such an excellent watch, fitness tracker. I love it has a colour screen and you can choose between 5 screen options, it looks more like a watch than fitness band. So many different options, heart rate, blood pressure, sleep, sport, notifications, waterproof etc. The strap is so comfortable as well. Excellent customer service when i had a problem which was resolved instantly. The app is a little basic but depends what you want from it. I am extremely impressed and happy especially at its price. Pleased i took a chance.

  24. GJ

    Excellent value for money!
    Lovely watch, has all the functions to be expected from a smartwatch, including steps, heart rate and notifications.
    Can’t fault it. Charges via a cable that has a sort of cradle that attaches to it, fully charged in around an hour or so.
    Seems to be pretty accurate and inline with my fitbit charge 2 info

  25. Andrei Samoila

    Confortable. Great value of money
    Been looking for a while and this is my second smart watch. Must say I am very impressed. So far I have used it for running and swimming and it appears very accurate. I am still getting used to some of the features but seems to be very simple to navigate. Looking forward to getting the most out of it for my training

  26. Jay J

    Looks good. Secure strap and easy to connect.
    I bought this mainly because of the look of the watch. I really liked the silver band. The face is big and clear. The touchscreen is very responsive. It was very easy to connect to the phone. In the gym the strap was very secure and spent most of the time playing with the monitor functions which seem to work well. All in all very pleased and looks great on the wrist.

  27. philip tunstall

    Super smart watch
    I am glad I upgraded my Smart Watch to this one. It does so much more. I love the colour screen firstly. The heartrate monitor is more accurate and activity tracker for my sports and exercise. I used it in the rain when running and the waterproof feature helped me not to worry about damage. The social media notifications are also great for my hobbies/staying connected. This would be great to treat yourself or for a nice gift.

  28. Jason

    Great product
    Had this for a few days now. Looks nice and stylish which was one of my main reasons for picking this. With 1 full charge the battery has not died yet so its quite impressive considering the colour screen and variety of features. Pairing with the phone is easy and allows all notifications to be displayed on the watch which can also be deactivated. Using the QR code app can be downloaded and easy to use. Great piece.

  29. Maya Von Tammleht

    Feels great on hand, stylish and elegant.
    Been using this smart watch for a couple of weeks now and pretty happy with its functionality. It came well-packaged and certainly has an expensive feel to it. The strap is different to any other smart watches I tried. Instead of cheap rubber strap, stainless steel feels much better on a hand and looks smarter. In additional, a loop lock is handy and the strap itself is easy to adjust.

    In terms of functionality – there was no issues pairing it with my phone and the app has a use friendly interface and it’s intuitive to use. I’ve tried several modes and the steps calculation, as well as calories are quite spot on. There are some minor variances, but I’m fine with it. It also picks up a few steps when I’m in the office typing on a keyboard. Battery life is decent, as well as charging times.

    Never tested how waterproof it is, and I wouldn’t recommend anyone submerging it. I’m happy that it’s splash proof as I was wearing it twice during the run under the rain and it was working perfectly fine afterwards.

  30. Lucky

    Lovely item
    I bought this tracker for my sister as she love doing exercises during her free time. Because it was her birthday I knew it will be good present for her.She was happy with this present as got exactly what she needs too. Wireless data synhronization,meassure heart rates,tracks activities through the days,sleep monitor and alarm clock also got message alert.Good value for item.

  31. M Arshad

    Amazing purchase.
    Great buy. I’m surprised. Smart watch came with a screen protector.
    Charged for around 20 mins when it arrived. After that connected the watch with my iPhone. Easy to connect and get going.
    Provides notification for messages, call, WhatsApp, and Snapchat on your smart watch. And many other apps too.
    I’ve washed my hands while wearing the watch and didn’t face any problems. Works completely fine.
    Counts your steps, heart rate and have other built in apps in watch. Such as timer etc.

  32. Peter

    Great value for money!!!
    Good smart watch for the money you pay. I especially like the sleep tracker, but the calories burned and heart monitor function are also helpful and very good.

    It’s easy to connect with the phone and the app is easy to use and it presents the data clearly.

    Battery is decent, I need to charge it every 4 days and it only takes something around 30 minutes for the full charge.

  33. Lee Gifford

    Smart and Smart price too
    Quite accurate HR. I am a runner and use my heart rate quite alot. Must charge before use and before you pair with phone, simple instruction booklet provided after download of the kingfit app. Set your preferred notifications from phone to watch i.e. calls messages social media. Will record very accurately steps and cals. I prefer to use sport mode and this does provide a good heart rate to match activity.

  34. Halifax

    hello, would like to share all my good experience with everyone . I just received it yesterday, but really enjoying now. On a beginning i was struggling conect watch to phone. I was disappointed, but has been just changed few settings on app and start running perfect. Very light comfortable fashion smart watch, looking posh.thanks a loot for really good gift.

  35. Mark Latham

    I love this watch – it has great features, runs a long time and its a great fitness watch. It has alerted me of texts and calls and I love the Sleep mode – its great – get one today!

  36. Adrian

    Easy to connect at the phone
    It perfectly controls the steps and distances traveled during the day, it is easy to configure, and synchronize to the first and fast with the smathphone. Through the app you can change the background image, the messages you want to receive from different applications.
    But undoubtedly what I liked the most is the capacity of your battery since I have been using it since the first full charge 4 days with the heart rate meter constantly on and spending a lot of time with it.

  37. JHabs

    Great entry level smart watch
    I wanted a basic smart watch to see if i would use it, and i can highly recommend this one. For its price point its great. I’ve been tracking my steps, sleep and receiving alerts and facebook messages without any issues.
    Highly recommend before paying hundreds of pounds on an expensive version.

  38. M

    Very impressed
    I really wanted a smart watch but the apple one is way too expensive for me. I looked around at many and this one stood out the most in terms of style and it’s reasonably priced. I’m very impressed with it not only because of the fitness trackers but also the fact that if I am not near my phone it can send me notifications of messages etc. Love it

  39. CorradoL

    Luxurious watch for a very small price
    I bought this smart watch on Friday and I never took it off since!!
    Works very well with the app KingFit and synchronised with it was super easy.
    The touch screen is super responsive and it feels and looks very luxurious.
    I highly recommend!!

  40. Andy P

    Fantastic smart watch at a great price
    This is an excellent watch that looks great. It’s very easy to use and the app allows you to personalise the features to your own preferences. The price I thought was fantastic for a smart watch and it allows me to see my text messages, monitor my heart rate and is very accurate at counting my steps. All in all I’m extremely happy with this purchase 5* from me all the way.

  41. Craig

    Very good for the price
    It’s not the most accurate smart watch you will ever buy but comparing to my mum it gives a good idea of what steps you are doing. I cant fault the heart rate monitor as it gives a very accurate reading. Once the app is downloaded and watch is synced the time and date are bang on, the battery lasts a good amount of time and charging is relatively quick. For the price you cant complain at all.

  42. Abubakar98k

    Very Good Product
    This is a really good watch. It looks really good and feels high quality. the colours of the screen are really good and very vibrant making it easy to see everything. I would prefer a circle screen that leaves less of a Bessel but this is really good for the price. Battery life is really good and operation is also very easy.

  43. Silvia Stoyanova

    Strongly recommend
    I ordered this watch for gift for my husband. He is really impressed. Watch perfectly fit on his hand. Very easy to connect with his phone. He finally can find his phone every time when he forgot it thankfully the function of the watch- find my phone. Very stylish watch . Strongly recommend

  44. Dknees

    Hubby is happy
    Got this for hubby birthday. It was cheaper than the fitbit so I wasn’t sure whether it was going to be as good. But I knew he’d like the style. He loves it. It lights up like a Christmas tree which he loves. He hasn’t said anything bad about it so far. And thinks it’s as good as the fitbit.

  45. Adam H.

    Perfect smart watch! Ideal 5* Gift
    Loved the packaging! Fantastic ideal gift to give away. Much cheaper compared to other smart watches. Loved the silver metal mesh straps! I usually hate wearing metal (as in silver) watches but these straps gives a diffrent type of look. So I guess this is my first watch that has silver metallic straps!
    Surprised that it was actually packed in a proper watch box!

  46. “”BaRaCuZa””

    I was looking at a garman Watch I which was very expensive, after reading the reviews , I decided to buy this instead as so much cheaper, best thing I ever did it’s a fantastic watch. It does everything and more so happy with it.ive got it wet at work a few times and works perfectly with no damage the ,battery lasts a good week.the design is lovely . Properly recommended

  47. coz n Billy Riddle

    These type of smart watches, average around 20 pounds give or take , so for this watch to be around 38 pounds to 40 , you may think , good watch, but not for me thanks ? But don’t think that way , as this watch oozes quality , every aspect of this watch is great , battery not quite great but nearly . To cut a long story short , just buy it end of !!!!

  48. Mihir

    Great Gift for Old people
    This is super watch. As it was round one My uncle like it. Batter life is very good. Touch Screen is so clean and easy to use as well. It work super with app. App is so accurate mention full healthy informantion.

    Thank you Amzon for selling very good product.

  49. Daisy Ness

    Smart watch
    LOVE THIS!! I’ve previously had a garmin watch but when it broke I thought I’d try a non branded smart watch. Does everything I wanted and more. Very quick set up, I use it to run and it’s very accurate tested it on previous running routes I kind of knew distance and calories burnt before. The app is good and simple definitely worth £40 more a lot less then half the price I paid for branded previous and does exactly the same

  50. Angelin

    Can’t get a better smart watch than this
    Awesome product. After using it for few days I am now addicted to it. Each day I am learning a new thing about it. But the basic feature for which I got it is brilliant.

    Built – unlike other smart watch with cheap plastic strap this is of very good quality. Very light weight yet solid as my son has already dropped it couple of times.

    App – download the kingfit app with instructions given in the booklet provided. You can set notifications, features from this app. It is quite simple to use.

    Features – It has all the fitness tracker features. Can monitor bp, heart rate, kcal, sleep monitor, date, time, sleep, steps. Apart from fitness it also has features like find phone, notification for call, message.

    Screen – The touch is smooth and easy to use. All apps are arranged which is simple to use.

    Look – The watch looks stylish. I have been wearing this to office as well.

    Battery – I charged it once for around 2 hours when it arrived since then haven’t have to charge it. The charger is cool unlike other watch where strap has to be removed.

    This is my first smart watch so was bit reluctant to buy in this range at the same didn’t wanted to go for the cheap plastic ones. Really glad I bought this. Being Amazon’s choice smart watch also helped in selecting this so a big thanks to Amazon team who are highlighting genuinely good product.

    Really loved the product. Genuinely good. Highly recommend.

    Please note haven’t got the chance to see if it is waterproof or not.

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